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Dear Grade 3 Families,

Grade 3 routine homework begins today. Your child has a homework folder with all the materials s/he needs. On regular school days, Monday to Thursday, your child will have reading log and spelling homework. Today we are starting with one reading log and Spelling Exercise 1. A description of the homework activities are included in your child's homework duo tang, and we have been practising what to do at school. 

We did another practice of how to do Spelling Exercise 1 today, and you can see it in your child's homework notebook. I expect that s/he he will do his/her best to do the homework correctly tonight. If your child has multi-syllable words, I am not expecting him/her to break apart the words perfectly following syllabication rules as that is not the point of the exercise but to realize that you can spell words in parts which will help in spelling it correctly.  If there are any problems, please do not worry. We will go over it again on Friday. There is no homework on the weekend so we will start again on Tuesday as Monday is a holiday - Happy Thanksgiving!

Routine homework will be written in their planners, and I will post the routine homework and reminders on the Grade 3 class page on the SMES website. I will send all the information that you need for special project homework through a newsletter to your email and reminders for special project homework through your child's planner and Grade 3 class page on the SMES website.

I just also wanted to remind you to check your email for school monthly newsletters and Friday updates to keep up with all school functions and activities that are planned every week.

Thank you,

Ms. Casenas