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Friday Update:  September 27, 2019


Please note the following important dates:

• Monday, September 30 - Orange Shirt Day - Bring a loonie or toonie for BC Children's Hospital Oncology Department and dress in ORANGE!

• Wednesday, October 2 - Cross Country Finals

• Thursday, October 3 - Terry Fox Run Day

• Friday, October 4 - Grade 4 Assembly (Living Rosary)

• Saturday, October 5 - Grade 7 Investiture Mass 5:30 pm


Non-Uniform Day - September 30, 2019

On Monday, September 30 we will celebrate our first Non-Uniform Day - Orange Shirt Day - Every Child Matters!  We ask that all children who dress up on this day bring a loonie or toonie for the BC Children's Hospital's Oncology Department.  

As was stated in our August newsletter please ensure your child observes the following dress guidelines for this and all future non-uniform days:


Typically once a month we have non-uniform days. On those days students are encouraged to dress according to the month’s theme (i.e.: on Orange Day students would dress in as much orange as possible). Please note that while dressing according to the theme there are certain guidelines that need to be adhered to:

• Any shorts worn must be at least mid-thigh

• Skirts/dresses must be no higher than just above the knee

• No bare shoulder or off shoulder shirts

• No low-cut shirts or midriff baring outfits 

• Pants must sit on the waist

• No ripped jeans

Students not adhering to these guidelines will be asked to change into their regular uniforms and a note will go home.


Terry Fox School Run Day - October 3

St. Matthew’s Terry Fox School Run is just around the corner on Thursday October 3, 2019!  We are honoured that our school will be joining the efforts of over 3 million students across Canada in carrying on Terry’s legacy by raising funds for cancer research. This year we are asking that each student contribute to the Terry Fox Foundation by “Bringing a Toonie for Terry!” Another option to contribute to our schools efforts is by donating today at:  Many thanks for your support and more details of this day will be forthcoming!


Office News

Our office manager, Ms. Rossi, will be away starting October 1st and will be returning in the last week of October as she will be accompanying her family to Italy for the celebration of her brother's 50 years of ordination to the priesthood!  Mrs. JiYoung Kim will take Ms. Rossi's place in the office.  We are pleased to have Mrs. Kim join us on staff and wish Ms. Rossi a wonderful time!


School Life Photos

Please click here to view photos of a recent recess break (indoors!)