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Welcome To Grade One 2019-2020

with Mrs. Stepfanie Dignan

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1.Join Mrs. Dignan’s Remind account to receive school event reminders and class announcements. 

To join: visit OR text @dignan2019 to 506-802-8616

2.Join our class Instagram page @mrs.dignans.classroom to see what’s happening in Grade 1!


Absences: If your child is sick or if your family has planned a vacation during the school year, please send an email to and/or Please do not send absence/vacation notifications to Mrs. Dignan via Remind.

Nutrition: Please ensure your child has a healthy snack, lunch and water to drink each day. Please also consider keeping a packaged snack (granola bar, bear paw etc) in your child’s backpack for days when they might feel extra hungry.

Class Routines

Library is every week on Wednesday. Students will be allowed to take out 1 new book if they have returned their previous book.

Gym is everyday in the afternoon. Please make sure students have St. Matthew’s shorts & shirt and runners to wear while participating in Gym class. To begin the school year, students will be asked to wear their gym strip under their uniform; the changing routine will be taught and practiced in the classroom until students are ready to change independently in the change rooms.

New Routines

Agendas: all students will receive SMES agendas to keep their home and school work organized. Each day, we will write homework items and/or reminders; Mrs. Dignan will mark the page with a check to show completion, parents should be checking the agendas and signing the box in the corner every day.

Home Reading: At school, students will practice their oral reading and comprehension skills in small groups with Mrs. Dignan. At home, students will be given levelled books to read daily and a duotang to record the books they have read. They will receive a reward each time they meet our monthly reading goal!

Spelling: Term 1 words will continue to be reviewed at school, however, Term 2 and 3 words will focus on new themes. Students will receive new words every second Monday and will complete a spelling test on Friday before receiving new words. **please note the change from weekly to bi-weekly spelling lists (there will be more words per list and a spelling test, so extra time is being given to master each concept)**

 Term 2 Themes

Language Arts: Poetry, continued sight word practice, bi-weekly spelling lists, Home Reading

Christian Education: the Epiphany, Parables, Lent and Easter

Math: Addition and Subtraction

Science: Living and Non-living Things, Life Cycles

Social Studies: our Rights and Responsibilities

Art: colour and texture 

French: days of the week