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Welcome To Grade One 2018-2019

Teacher:  Ms. Stepfanie Sarangelo

Education Assistants:  Mrs. Dorothy Roy, Mrs. Linda Potter

SMES Grade 1 Information


Join Ms. Sarangelo’s Remind account to receive school event reminders and class announcements. We will not be using agendas until the new year so this will be our primary source for communicating notices and important dates.

To join visit OR text @msarangel to 506-802-8616


Food: Please ensure students are provided with healthy, filling snacks and lunches. Foods that are high in sugar or highly processed can cause jittery bodies and foggy brains that make learning very difficult. We can keep waste to a minimum by using reusable bags or compostable wrappers.

Uniform: Ensure your student is prepared for each day with a full uniform. A clean white collared shirt, blue pants or kilt/jumper, green St. Matthew’s Sweater, dark socks and dress shoes.

Class Routines

Star of the Day: Each day a student will be chosen to be the Star; among leading the line and leading calendar for the day, this student will be tasked with bringing in a school-appropriate item for sharing.

Library is every week on Thursday. Students will be allowed to take out 1 new book if they have returned their previous book.

Gym is everyday. Please make sure students have St. Matthew’s shorts & shirt and runners to wear while participating in Gym class. Students are encouraged to wear their gym clothes under their uniform; in 2019, we will transition to bringing a gym bag to school.