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SMES Grade 2 Information

Welcome to Grade 2 with Ms. Sarangelo!


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Class Routines

Star of the Day: Each day a student will be chosen to be the Star; among leading the line and leading calendar for the day, this student will be tasked with bringing in a school-appropriate item for sharing.

Homework: Home Reading, journaling or unfinished work from the day are examples of Grade 2 homework. Homework is expected to be completed by its due date. Please check your child’s agenda to ensure homework is being completed!

Spelling: Students will be given a themed spelling list. This list will be practiced at home and school for 2 weeks before a spelling test is given.

Home Reading: Students will be required to read a “just right” book or story on RAZ Kids every night and record it in their Home Reading Log. 10 times per month (5 times in September, December and March), students will complete a written activity based on a monthly question. Entries will be due at the end of each month.

Library is every week on Thursday. Students will be allowed to take out 1 new book if they have returned their previous book.

Gym is everyday except Monday and Friday. Please make sure students have St. Matthew’s shorts & shirt and runners to wear while participating in Gym class.



Make learning fun!

This website provides printable games and flashcards to practice common words that appear in Grade 2 level stories. Quick recall of these common words greatly improves reading speed and comprehension. Alternatively, this website also offers printable games and worksheets to practice basic math facts. These games are a fun and easy way to incorporate math practice into your routine. Simply type keywords “sight words” or “math facts” into the search bar to navigate to your desired section!

Students can engage in reading activities daily with Just-Right Books. There are also coordinating quizzes and written response activities for every story. These can help you determine if your child is understanding the main idea of the story. Please note: if you prefer to read hands on books, many of the RAZ Kids stories are available from Ms. Sarangelo in black and white printed copies.

This website offers free, educational games online. Games are levelled by grade and organized by skill such as letters (reading and writing), numbers (math), holiday (seasonal games), strategy (brain games) and skills (typing and mousing skills).


This website is great for reading practice. Like RAZ Kids, this website offers a range of stories to read. These stories are focused on word families and common sight words. Each story features a coordinating games and skill practice activity.