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Welcome to Grade 3

We are going to learn about and develop a variety of skills throughout the year. Our main themes and topics are as follows:

Term 1: All About Me, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, The Trinity, Prayer, Advent, Scripture Stories: Abraham, Noah, and Ruth, Place Value, Patterning, Addition (Three-Digit Numbers),  Addition and Subtraction Review, and Multiplication.

Term 2: The People in My Community, The Changing Earth, Christmas, Lent, The Mass, The Sacrament of Reconciliation, Geometry Division, Measurement, and Subtraction (Three-Digit Numbers).

Term 3: The First Nations of BC, Matter and Energy, Staying Healthy and Safe, Easter, Pentecost, The Sacrament of the Eucharist, Scripture Stories: Miracles, Social Justice, Scripture Stories: Parables, Money, Probability, Time, and Fractions.

Saints Research

Homework/Reminders for October 16, 2018 

Spelling Exercise 3, Reading Log, Library, Special Projects #1 (see email), Hot Lunch


Ms, Casenas – Grade 3 Teacher

I have noticed that some students do not have their double addition facts memorized. This is something that s/he can work on at home as well: 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, 4+4=8, 5+5=10, 6+6=12, 7+7=14, 8+8=16, 9+9=18.