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Grade 5 Homework

18 November 2019

Cursive: p. 49

Math:Chapter 5 Test on Wednesday, November 20

Science: Chapter 10 quiz on Tuesday, November 19; re-read the chapter and do the practice questions emailed to you

Writing: Narnian virtue paragraph due Wednesday; p. 255, A and B

Grammar: p. 32 – 33, all exercises

Novel Study 1 due on December 13

Christmas Performance Costume (Week of December 9): The Grade 5 class is to dress up as rich merchants/travellers. They can wear baggy pants and they can wear colourful scarves as sashes and headwear. They should look really colourful.


N.B. Please remember that you should work hard at your homework, but for a maximum of 1 hour. Prioritize your homework, completing the most important tasks first. If you worked hard for 1 hour, but failed to complete the assigned tasks, simply let Mr. Kuester know tomorrow that this happened.