Welcome to the St. Matthew's Elementary Kindergarten Page!  

Teacher:  Mrs. Jeanine Sallos

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs. Roshelle Mehra

Special Education Assistants:  Miss Vivian Chow, Mrs. Marilu Dias

Term Two Information

The first few months of school were busy ones for Kindergarten!  Learning each other's names, learning classroom routines and expectations, learning to work and play together is hard work for five-year-olds.  Now, we are well-settled and looking forward to the rest of the year!


2016 - 1027 Themes



Me and My Family

Christmas is Coming


Friendship and Feelings

Fairy Tales


Our World



Summer Fun


We were so glad that the wintry weather that started in early December held over for January, to make our Winter theme so much fun! We were able to experiment with melting snow and freezing water.  Cutting out snowflakes was a popular activity!

In the months ahead we will be reading many stories, analyzing them for elements such as setting, characters, and sequence of events.  We will also continue using our knowlege of letters and sounds to do our own writing.  We will continue to build on basic number skills to explore measurement, ways of making ten and money.