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Dear Parents,

the link to the videos are now working.  My apologies for the inconvenience.  Let me know if you have any questions.  


Miss Welsh



Dear Parents,

please take some time to read the following information and click on the image below to watch the drop off procedure in action.  There are several significant changes for this school year:




• Ongoing construction means that access to parking spots will be severely limited.  This will affect the way we do our morning school drop off:

• Please be aware in the morning there will be no parking available in the St. Matthew's church and school lots.

• Entrance to St. Matthew's Elementary is only accessible via the western most gate. Right turn only.  No left turns are permitted from 88th Avenue onto the school grounds.

• Exiting from this gate remains the same, right turn only.

• The exception to this will be students in Before School Care, Preschool and Kindergarten families (and their siblings) who will use the middle gate to enter.  We will have a 10 minute parking zone located alongside the Grade 4 and Grade 5 classrooms, near the Holy Cross cafeteria area, where these families can park, walk their child(ren) to the school and then leave.  Please note that these spaces are VERY limited and it is recommended to use the drop off zone instead.   Please click here to watch a video demonstration.

•   Please click here to view our Weekday Traffic Flow Map.


• For afternoon pick up, we ask all families, including Preschool families, to consider the following options:

•      Park in the neighbourhood and walk and meet your child at the school.   Please click here to view the attached map that show possible areas to park.

• Another option is to park in the St. Matthew's Church and School visitor parking spots (very limited) and walk and pick up your child.  See the Weekday Traffic Flow map for visitor spots.

• We anticipate this will be a challenge but, it is the "best" scenario for now.  If and when at all possible we encourage families to walk to school as this will ease the congestion.



• In order to ease the congestion that occurs during the morning and afternoon rushes, we are moving the school start time to 8:45 am and our school ending to 2:55 pm (that way we will hopefully bypass the congestion that occurs with Holy Cross students commencing school at 8:25 am, as well as contend with the parishioners coming out of 8:00 am Mass)


Miss Welsh