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Change to Parking Instructions

Dear St. Matthew's Families,

I was recently informed that the digging up of the parking lot alongside St. Matthew's church/rectory scheduled for November 4-8, 2019 will no longer occur.

The parking flow will proceed as in previous weeks:

• In the morning families are instructed to use the drop off zone to drop off their children

• Please do not move the large vertical cones/caution tape (located alongside the rectory/church); please use the drop off zone

• Please do not park in the lots designated Staff Parking

• Families with children in Kindergarten/Preschool and Before School Care can use the 10 minute drop off zone alongside Holy Cross cafeteria (please do not park in front of the bin)

Please also note that when exiting St. Matthew's property left turns are not permitted.  Right turns only.

Thank you once again for your patience and flexibility!

Miss Welsh