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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Teacher:  Mrs. Casey Sisk

A few things to remember…

  • Please send the blue folder to school each day (even if it is empty)
  • All students need a jacket (even if it isn’t raining in the morning) as we sometimes go out in light rain
  • Library on Fridays.  Please bring your library book back to borrow a new one.
  • The Special Helper needs to bring one item from home on their day, to share with the class.  Please practice saying one or two sentences about the item at home first!

Some themes covered this term…

  • God Made Me Special
  • Pumpkins/God’s Creation
  • Community

A successful Kindergarten student…

…has a consistent and early bedtime.

…has limited screen time, particularly on weekdays (TV, iPad, computer etc.).

…goes to Mass, and spends time praying and reading the Bible with their family.

…listens to reading, or tries reading to someone, each day.

…eats healthy food and drink lots of water at school.

…has all of their uniform items clearly labelled.

…is learning to do simple tasks independently (packing their own bag, trying to zip up their jacket, taking responsibility for their own library book and water bottle).